Pet resource directorySometimes seniors can experience a temporary incapacity that makes caring for their pet suddenly challenging. For example, a temporary hospital stay or a broken limb could mean that they need short-term assistance with keeping their pets safe and healthy.

Stephanie, our founder, experienced this need when she broke her wrist. Suddenly, opening a can of cat food or cleaning a litter box became much more challenging. Being unable to drive, taking her cats to the vet also suddenly became an issue that needed a solution. Through the kindness of knowledgeable friends, she learned of devices that can help open cans and mobile vets that pay house visits.

The Pet Resource Directory assembles valuable resource information in one place, so you can easily access it should the need arise.

Please note that the Pet Resource Directory is simply a collection of existing community resources brought together in one location for the convenience of caregivers and their senior loved ones looking for short-term help. Caregiver PAWS Connection, Inc. does not endorse or independently evaluate any resource provider in the Pet Resource Directory. Users should make independent decisions regarding the appropriateness of the resource providers listed in the Pet Resource Directory for their particular need.

Please visit us often for ongoing additions to the Pet Resource Directory.

Government Resources

St Pete PAWS

St. Pete PAWS puts the City of St. Petersburg’s pet-friendly proclamation into action, establishing St. Pete as a place where animal companions are happy, healthy, and welcome.
Local Organizations

Friends of Strays

Friends of Strays Animal Shelter is St. Petersburg’s oldest no kill animal shelter.
Phone: (727) 522-6566
Address: 2911 47th Ave North, St. Petersburg, FL 33714
Pet Products

Joy For All

JOY FOR ALL Companion Pets are lifelike robotic pets that are designed to bring comfort, companionship, and fun to elder loved ones.